Wambooka Kick Damper

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Wambooka Kick Damper


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Wambooka Kick Damper

Drum gel for the bass drum. The kick damper is the unique drum gel available in the market for bass drums because of its uniqueness in improving the sounds of the bass drum. It provides the drummer with the needed comfort while drumming thereby making drumming very much enjoyable. It is well known for the kind of quality and maximum impact it gives to the natural sound of the bass drum while drumming. In all, the kick damper is made with unique features that will definitely guarantee maximum productivity. The following should be expected of the kick damper: The kick damper is super sticky, stays fixed on the bass drum, on the batter and on the resonant head, it gives the drummer the needed comfort and assured confidence while drumming. It optimizes the frequency ratio thereby enhancing the low frequency from low. With the kick damper, drummers no longer have to stuff garbage and strange stuffs inside the bass drum to enhance the sound, because the kick damper solves that problem bringing the necessary needed stability in the drum and the rich sounds that stuffed garbage do not offer.

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