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How to choose a studio monitor

How to choose a studio monitor

09.02.2023 Audio
Studio monitors are a standard feature of every professional or home recording studio. Quality studio monitors must reflect the recorded sound faithfully and without embellishment, and are an indispensable helper when mixing music recordings.
How to choose a turntable

How to choose a turntable

04.10.2022 Audio
Listening to records has become popular again, and every vinyl record plants a seed of a future collection. To become an audiophile, you need to get yourself a proper turntable. What are today's record players capable of, how to avoid getting lost in their types and functions? Do you know how to set up the turntable, which device can digitize vinyl records, and why the most expensive models offer just a handful of features? Keep reading and you will explore everything you need to know about turntables.
How to solve the most common problems with turntables?

How to solve the most common problems with turntables?

30.09.2022 Audio
Every turntable is an electronic device that has a complex structure, and certain principles of use must be kept in mind. Nevertheless, it does happen that a problem or malfunction occurs on a turntable. Many times the problem is not as serious as it looks, and you don't have to throw the turntable in the trash right away. Whether you have a new, just bought or older turntable at home, we'll take a look at the most common problems and give you advice on what to do about them.
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