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Warning about fraudulent websites

There are millions of fraudulent sites on the Internet, and some of them pretend to be Muziker. They are abusing our business name, trademarks, colors and design to ultimately abuse the trust of our customers. Their goal is to get access to your personal information and payment for goods that they will never send. It is almost impossible to track down the operator of these fraudulent sites.

Therefore, it’s up to you to be careful and to shop only on the official Muziker pages, which work on the following domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Do not be tempted by significant discounts offered by fake sites, and always make sure that you’re getting yourself a treat from the real Muziker site.

For example, a fraudulent page can look like this:

Fake page example Fake page example

Characteristic features of fraudulent sites are the following:

- they display visually identical/similar content to the original site and offer the same range of goods,

- they offer significantly lower prices than the prices of the original goods, or they offer prices at a significant discount,

- they do not state the identity of the operator/seller, the seller's business name and registered office,

- general business conditions are missing,

- they allow the consumer to contact the seller only in the form of an anonymous contact form,

- they often ask for payment for the goods only in advance, or do not allow other payment options.