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A second chance for products looking for the right owner.
Unboxed products usually offer the best ratio between value and price. Some of them are just like new, some have tiny scratches. But all of them have one thing in common - remarkable price. We divide them in three categories:


products are notably cheaper as brand new ones, nonetheless they are functionally and visually as good as new.
Great choice for those who want to pay less for 100 % product in warranty.


products are like a good second hand. Fully functional and checked products showing slight signs of wear.
The right option for those who do not mind lower price and some scratches.


products have apparent cosmetic or functional issues. Their prices are very low and usage hampered.
Good choice for those who does not care about extensive cosmetic wear or are looking for spare parts or decorations.

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Ponuka mesiaca - listing - 03/2022
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1 - 34 from 1 802