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Bicycle Helmets

A bicycle helmet should be an indispensable part of every cyclist. A good quality and correctly chosen helmet minimises the risk in the event of a fall, which could otherwise have fatal consequences. But how to choose it? We'll help you navigate through the wide range of our assortment.

Basic criteria

You don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a bicycle helmet, just make sure it is certified. A certified helmet meets the technical standards at European level as long as it is marked "CE EN 1078". Other important parameters to consider are weight, ventilation, level of protection, extra accessories and added features. These parameters vary depending on what kind of cycling the helmet is primarily intended for.

If you use your bike primarily for riding around town, an urban helmet is the most ideal choice. As standard, these urban helmets have a sleeker design, a stronger outer shell and sufficient protection for the sides and back of the head.
If you ride not only on roads but also in the woods, opt for an universal helmet. Such helmets provide sufficient protection from the sides and back, are well-ventilated, and the ventilation openings are often protected with a mesh against insects. Often, they also have a built-in light for better visibility.

If you love fast rides on tarmac, choose a road helmet. Road helmets have excellent aerodynamics and ventilation, but the downside may be less protection for the sides and back.
MTB and enduro helmets are great for mountain biking among branches thanks to the integrated visor. They have less ventilation, so they are slightly heavier, but they provide high head protection, which is crucial in a potential accident. If you're a downhill or enduro fan, opt for an integral or full-face helmet. In addition to high head and face protection, this type also protects your jaw.
If you like new technological gadgets, we have an option for you too. Smart helmets offer a unique cycling experience. Integrated Bluetooth, speakers, or communication with other cyclists wearing the same helmet are just a fraction of the possibilities these helmets offer.

In terms of size, most helmets have an adjustment wheel within a certain range. Depending on the range, helmets are divided into sizes XXS - 2XL. However, you can also find sizes marked with numbers that indicate the head circumference in centimetres in which the helmet will fit.

Children and helmets

Even the smallest ones need a helmet, although they can't ride on their own yet. Children's helmets include helmets suitable for babies from 6 months. These helmets expand to a size suitable for 3-year-olds, so you don't have to worry about changing the helmet as your child grows. Children's helmets are suitable up to the age of 9. From the age of 10, children should wear adult helmets.

If you'd like to learn more about choosing a helmet, check out our blog article on how to choose a helmet. Don't forget to check out the accessories for cycling helmets, such as helmet lights, rain covers or new cycling glasses that protect your eyes from more than just the sun.

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