Nux Loop Core Deluxe Bundle

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Nux Loop Core Deluxe Bundle

The New Bandmate for Today s Modern Musician. With upgraded hardware, the new Loop Core Deluxe allows you to record loop phrases up to 8 hours with unlimited layers in 24-bit high-resolution audio quality into 99 saved memories. Nothing feels better than playing your guitar along with realistic drum rhythms. Loop Core Deluxe’s all-new drum machine comes with 40 different drum rhythms (30 in 4/4, 10 in 3/4) covering different styles of genres including rock, pop, blues, jazz and much more. Connect your Loop Core Deluxe to your PC/Mac with a Mini-B USB connector to import available loop phrases or to back up yours. Loop Core Deluxe is only compatible with 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files. The Loop Core Bundle includes the additional NMP-2 DUAL Footswitch which is absolutely the easiest way to switch between loop phrases. Your recordings for verse, chorus, and bridge parts, can now be seamlessly accessed utilizing the convenient DUAL footswitch. To ensure the exact tone you desire, Loop Core Deluxe is designed with frequency compensation for drums and a cabinet simulator. Both are utilized through the stereo output Jacks. When using Loop Core Deluxe in the same situation as pictured below, it will detect the type of devices connected. The original guitar tone and loop phase will output to guitar amplifier while drum machine sound output to the mixer. The Stereo Output has serval options: to amp, output guitar signal or to mixer, drum machine out. Loop Core Deluxe will detect the type of the device you are using and the original guitar tone and loop phase will output to your guitar amplifier while the drum machine sound will output to the mixer.

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