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Elac 4Pi Plus.2 Black High Gloss

Hi-Fi Bookshelf speakers | Product code: 4PI-PLUS.2-BLACK-HIGH-GLOSS | ID: 388394

Elac 4Pi Plus.2 Black High Gloss

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Elac 4Pi Plus.2 Black High Gloss

Placing the omnidirectional 4Pi Plus.2 ribbon super-tweeter on top of your main, direct-radiating loudspeakers results in perfect spaciousness not found with any conventional loudspeaker. Equipped with flexible options for adjusting sensitivity and the lower cutoff frequency, the 4Pi Plus.2 can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any loudspeaker. It enables the sound to break free from the loudspeakers and fill the entire room. All without the need for additional amplification. It offers extraordinary design and unique sound.

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Parameters and specifications

Package Quantity (pcs)




Frequency Range

10 kHz - 50 kHz

Crossover Frequency

15 kHz, 12 kHz, 10 kHz

HF Driver Type

4Pi Plus.2

Width (cm)


Height (cm)

Depth (cm)


Net Weight (kg)


Made in


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