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Yuasa YTX14-BS

Yuasa supplies powersports batteries to more OEM’s than all our competitors combined in the US and globally. The reason is simple: premium quality, unmatched reliability, long life, and advanced engineering with years of application expertise....
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Motorcycle Battery Yuasa YTX14-BS

Yuasa YTX14-BS

78.80 €
81.20 €

Product code: YTX14-BS | ID: 1086548

Yuasa YTX14-BS

Yuasa supplies powersports batteries to more OEM’s than all our competitors combined in the US and globally. The reason is simple: premium quality, unmatched reliability, long life, and advanced engineering with years of application expertise. View our full range of high-performance powersports batteries for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, scooters, and more.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries look different from typical powersports battery types because they are built differently. This advanced battery design eliminates water loss. Once these batteries are filled with acid, you’ll never need to fill it with water or check the acid level. This specific line is optimized to run strong without maintenance. Essentially this is the ultimate “set it and forget it” battery.


No Maintenance and No Risk

  • This AGM battery line is virtually maintenance free. All of the acid is absorbed in the special plates and separators, so you never need to worry about acid leaks harmful acid leaks. This proves especially crucial for vehicles where acid leaks could occur such as ATVs, watercraft, and motorcycles.

Ideal for Long Term Storage

  • This AGM battery line is ideal for seasonally-used vehicles such as watercraft and snowmobiles. While a long term storage kills lesser batteries, this powerful line runs strong when you need it, despite the time off.

Long Lifespan

  • Because of its lead calcium design, the AGM battery will hold its specific gravity more than three times longer than conventional lead antimony types. And to remain factory-fresh the AGM battery is shipped dry along with its own pack of high-gravity acid that’s added at the time of installation.


AGM Battery Features

  • Premium absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology
  • Sealed, non-spillable design
  • Meets or exceeds Powersports OEM specs
  • Maintenance Free – NEVER add water, but periodic charging required when not in use !
  • Engineered to protect against corrosion, withstand vibration, and deliver high cranking power
  • Polypropylene cover and container – superior resistance in extreme conditions of cold and heat, more flexible than ABS material


WARNING! Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA YUASA batteries can be easily destroyed with an ordinary car battery charger. Therefore, never charge YUASA moto batteries with a charger other than those suitable for these batteries. We recommend, for example, chargers brand Tecmate OptiMate.

Parameters and specifications


Battery Lifetime

6 months


Type of Product

Engine Volume cc

Model of Motorcycle

1098 ('07), AN650 Burgman ('03-'17), BV250 ('08-'11), BV500 ('08-'13), Blast ('00-09), C600, Sport ('13-'16), C650 GT, Sport ('11-'18), DL1000 V-Strom, Adventure ('02-'16), Daytona 955i, Speed Triple, Sprint ST ('99-'04), Dorsoduro ('09-'16), Dorsoduro ('17), Dorsoduro, Caponord ('10-'17), ETV Caponord ('01-'07), F650GS ('09-'12), F700GS ('11-'18), F800ST, GS, GT, R, ADV ('07-'18), FJ1200 (All) ('91-'93), FZR1000 ('91-'95), GL1500 Valkyrie ('97-'03), GSX1100G ('91-'93), GSXR1300RRQ ('22), GT250, R ('09-'16), GT650, R, S ('09-'16), GTS1000 ('93-'94), GTS250, GTV250 ('10), Int 650, Continental GT 650 ('19-'20), K1200R, S ('05-'09), K1300R, S ('09-'16), MP3 250 ('08-'13), MP3 400 ('08-'13), MP3 500 /Sport ABS ('08-'19), MUV700 Big Red ('08-'13), Mana 850, GT ('07-'16), NUDA900 ('13), Nexus 300ie ('10-'11), Ninja ZX-12R ('00-'05), Pioneer 500 ('19-'22), Pioneer 520 ('21-'22), Pioneer 700 ('14-'20), R nineT, Scrambler, Pure, Racer, Urban ('13-'19), R1150GS, R ('00- '05), R1200GS ('05-'12), R1200RS ('14-'18), R1200S, R ('05-'16), R1200ST ('05-'07), R1250GS ('19-'22), Runner 125 ('10-'12), SL Falco ('00-'03), SRV850 ('12-'13), ST1100, ABS-TCS, 1100A ('91-'02), SV1000, S ('03-'07), Shiver ('07-'09), Shiver ('17), Speed Triple, R ('11-'18), Sprint GT ('11-'18), Sprint RS ('00-'04), Super Duke, R, EVO ('14-'22), TE410E ('00-'01), TE610E, SM610S ('00-'01), Thruxton R ('16-'20), Thruxton TFC ('19-'20), Tiger ('01-'07), Tiger ('13-'18), Tiger ('99-'01), Tiger 800 ('11-'17), Trophy ('00-'04), V7 III Carbon Shine,Dark,Milano,Rough ('18), V7, Racer, Scrambler,Stone,Special ('13-'20), V9 Bobber, Roamer ('16-'19), VN800-A, B, C, E Vulcan, Classic,Drifter ('95-'03), VT1100C, C3, T Shadow (Spirit, Aero, A. C. E. Tourer) ('01-'07), VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre ('00-'07), VT750C, CA, CD Shadow ('98-'03), VTX1300C, R, S, Retro ('03-'12), W650 ('00-'02), X9 ('09), Xciting 500i ('09-'16), YZF1000R ('97-'98), ZRX1100 ('99-'00), ZRX1200R ('01-'05), ZX1100-D Ninja ZX-11 ('95-'01), ZX1100-D Ninja ZX-11 (CN) ('93-'94), ZX1100-E (GPz1100) ('95-'97), ZZR1200 ('02-'05)



12 Ah

Power supply



200 A

Dimensions and Weight


150 mm


87 mm


145 mm


4,6 kg


Made in


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