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How to shop at Muziker? Easy as ABC.


Standard online order

Anyone who has already placed an order at any e-shop will orientate very quickly. However, if you are new to online shopping, keep reading.

You find the product on the site that you are craving for, have a look at pictures and specifications so you know what you are getting. This will prevent possible bewilderment once you open the box.

Boldly you click on a big green button "ADD TO CART" which accompanies every product. The control window pops up where you adjust the quantity. Also, it shows you what other customers have bought together with the product. Very useful. From there you can always get back to "aisles" and pick other products and add them to your cart in the same fashion as you have done before.

If you already have everything you need in your cart, click on the icon at the top-right hand corner to see its contents.

The shopping process consist of four simple steps.

1 – Check the contents of the cart and the prices. If the purchase value is over 49 €, than you are awarded with a free gift from us, which you can choose just down below. Add a gift of your choice to the cart and it will appear as an item with zero price. If you have our discount or promo code, than this is exactly the place where to use it.

2 – Click "Continue" to proceed to the second step, where you fill in your billing information and shipping address.

PRO TIP: at the bottom of this page, check the box that you want to receive our Newsletter regarding promotions and new products. Believe me, you will love it.

3 - Click "Continue" again to get to shipping and payment. Choose what suits you and proceed to the last step.

4 - Final checkpoint. Scope if everything is to your liking and press the "Confirm Order" button, which places an order and we send you an e-mail that we have registered it and we thank you for your purchase.

Ordering by e-mail

You can send your order request by e-mail and we will take care of it from there.

We just need you to provide us with some basic information.

  • Name of the product you want to order
  • Billing address – name, surname, street, house number (if the purchase is in a company name, include Business ID, Tax ID / VAT registration number)
  • Shipping address ((if different from Billing address)
  • Name and phone number of person taking the delivery of.

Send the e-mail to our Customer Service and they will get back to you.


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