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6 reasons to start paddleboarding

3 min. read
Juraj Haruštiak
The history of this water sport Although starts only in 1940, but since then it's popularity continues to grow. Enjoyable at any age. Discover the advantages of Paddleboarding and explore ways to improve your health and fitness and spice up your vacation by the sea, on a lake or river.
6 reasons to start paddleboarding

1. It gets you on your feet and on the sun

One of the biggest advantages of paddleboarding is that it gets you on your feet, on the air, on the water and on the sun. Sunlight is an irreplaceable source of vitamin D and its intake in water is also multiplied by the reflection of rays from the water surface. There is a saying that where the sun does not go, a doctor must go. However, it is also true that the doctor often has to treat injuries caused by too sun being too bright. Therefore, during hot days on a paddleboard, you should also think about safe eye protection. Your head should be protected from sunburn by a cap or hat. If you want to add speed and get the adrenaline level up, attach a sail and you'll have a windsurfing instead of calm paddleboarding. A great way to unwind and clear your head! However, as adrenaline rises, so does the risk, so you shouldn't go on a sailed paddleboard without a life jacket.

2. Exercise for the whole body

You can't stand on a paddleboard without a certain amount of balance required. When you try to stand up, the back muscles, core, arms, legs, shoulders and torso are involved. Regular training of this activity will improve not only your balance, but also proper posture. This sport is therefore extremely beneficial especially for people who have a sedentary job, but also for people who spend a large part of the day in a static standing position. Thanks to the natural strengthening of the muscles of the body's core, paddleboarding is also a great way to prevent back pain. When moving forward, it strengthens and improves the flexibility and strength of the arms and shoulders. The heartbeat speeds up and nitric oxide is released, blood vessels dilate and more oxygen enters the brain, which directly helps to improve the function of almost every body organ.

3. Reduces Stress

Paddleboarding has beneficial effects not only on the body but also on the mind. The calming effect of water can perfectly remove all the stress from the head. All you have to do is take a deep breath of fresh air, enjoy the water and even the last remnants of negative energy and tension will be lost immediately. Paddleboarding requires concentration and a conscious perception of every movement. Experts call this state of mind "flow" and consider it an ideal prerequisite for meditation. Getting into this state of mind brings a wide range of health benefits, including improved mood, concentration and cognitive function, while helping to improve memory, creative and empathic abilities.

4. Low load and effective cardio workout

Paddleboarding does not burden the ligaments and tendons, so there is no need to worry about any serious damage. It is considered a universal sport suitable for a wide range of people, from athletes who suffer from knee or hip pain to the elderly and people recovering from various joint surgeries. Recovery from injury should not be an obstacle either. In addition, controlled activity will strengthen your overall strength and momentum and your body will recover faster. Paddleboarding is also a suitable fitness training for the heart. Like cross-training, running or aerobics, it helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack.

5. Fair to nature

Respect for the environment is an increasingly inclined topic of any human activity. Paddleboarding is a sport with zero emissions of harmful substances into the air. The source of energy for the movement of the board is exclusively human power or wind. In addition to using paddles, you can also attach a sail to the board.

6. Versatility

The amazing advantage of paddleboarding is its versatility. In addition to sports use, this ingenious board can become a versatile helper and means for a relaxing or active stay in nature. It can be used to sit, surf, practice yoga, fishing or observe wildlife and birds with a suitable binoculars. The board is inflatable, so its transport is very simple and comfortable. Paddleboarding equipment should therefore include aj quality air pump. Megaboards are also quite popular and fun for the whole family or group of friends at once for the holiday by th sea, lake or a river. The offer of paddleboards is supplemented annually by models, color versions and decorative patterns.