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The golf equipment guide

6 min. read
Bronislav Karlik
If you're just starting out, you'll need to figure out what equipment to get. In this article, you'll find information on what you'll definitely need right away, what you'll need later and what's not strictly necessary but will definitely make your playing experience more enjoyable.
The golf equipment guide

A well-equipped golfer has a golf bag on a golf trolley, 14 different golf clubs in a golf bag, he or she is wearing golf shoes and golf(or golf shorts, skirt, alternatively a dress), a golf polo shirt (a shirt with a collar and buttons) and a glove on one hand. In case of bad weather, he or she has a sweater, pullover, jacket or a waterproof jacket and trousers. He or she often wears a cap and there are various accessories in their bag or pockets. The essentials are golf balls, 3ASitemapNodes%3A%3AFilterSitemapNode&LINK_ITEM_ID=1708">tees, divot tools, ballmarkers, counters, towels, and =Cms%3A%3ASitemapNodes%3A%3AFilterSitemapNode&LINK_ITEM_ID=1711">umbrellas. A well-equipped golfer also has sunglasses, a smart watch with course maps, a rangefinder, various training aids and many other little things.

Golf clubs

"The kids have gone off to college, so now that I have more time, I've taken up golf. I don't know if I'm going to enjoy it yet, so for now I'm playing with my husband's old clubs. They're good quality, he even won an amateur competition with them once." Ouch! All wrong!

Golf clubs are, of course, the most important part of equipment, and therefore should be chosen carefully. In order for the golfer to achieve great performance with the clubs and to enjoy the game as much as possible, it is necessary to choose clubs suitable for the specific body type, movement limitation, age, gender, and hand dominance. Later on, you will have to take into consideration also golf swing technique, dynamics and strength.

A golfer who wishes to participate in club or professional competitions should follow The Rules of Golf. One of the rules states that a player can have a maximum of 14 clubs in his golf bag during the competition. Outside of competitions, of course, the number is not limited, but in practice, most golfers have just those 14 clubs. Clubs are bought individually or in sets. The set can contain all the necessary clubs for the game together with a golf bag, the so-called starter set (or complete set) or it can be just an iron set.

Complete golf sets are more affordable, but lack the latest technical innovations and the flexibility of choice. In any case, such a set will be enough for playing during the first, second, and for some even during their fifth year. If you decide to put together a golf set, start with a set of irons and a putter. It will be enough for a start. Of course, if you want to tick everything off your list as soon as possible, add a driver, hybrid and =1669">wedge. If you still don't have a total of 14 clubs, add a fairway wood. You can read more about golf clubs in this article.

golf bag with golf clubs

Golf bag

If you bought the clubs as a complete set, the golf bag should be included. If you want to lay out your clubs individually, you probably also have to get a golf bag. There are two types of bags: stand bags, i.e. bags with supporting legs and cart bags, i.e. bags that are designed to be attached to a golf trolley or cart. Of course, you can also carry a cart bag on your back and place stand bags on the trolley, but their disadvantages become more apparent. Stand bags are more subtle, lighter and have sophisticated back straps. Their disadvantage is a little less space for clubs, less storage space for accessories, and when attached to a trolley, the bag does not hold stability as well as a cart bag because of the legs. On the other hand, the cart bag provides more comfort due to its larger diameter and storage space, but it is less comfortable to carry on the back. There are also pencil bags. They are intended more for training or light travel. They are much smaller and only hold a few clubs. On the other side of the spectrum, we have staff bags, which are robust and heavy golf bags that are mainly used by professionals. In addition to the size, weight, pockets with different functions, or the club separation system, the colour and overall design is an important selection criterion as well, so even fashion connoisseurs will be satisfied.

Golf trolley

A golf trolley makes it easier for the golfer to move around the course. During one game of 18 holes, golfers can cover 10 to 12 km in 4 to 5 hours. Thanks to the golf trolley, they do not have to carry the full weight of the clubs with a bag on their back, and the trolley also provides additional storage space. Manual golf trolleys have 3A%3AFilterSitemapNode&LINK_ITEM_ID=1694¶m_ids.281%5B%5D=2&per=&page=1&sort_by=sort_score%20desc">two wheels and the golfer pulls them around. Trolleys with three, or four wheels are more stable and golfers push them. There are also electric golf trolleys with battery. They move around the green thanks to an electric motor.

electric golf trolley

Golf balls

Every golfer needs golf balls, usually lots of them. The balls can be destroyed, worn out, but more often they are simply lost. On a more difficult course, a beginner can even lose an entire pack of 12 balls. Balls differ in material, hardness, number of layers, number and structure of dimples, and colour. A beginner golfer can get by with cheaper 2-piece balls, and ignore other technical parameters. You can save a lot of money by buying used golf balls. These balls are lost before they have a chance to wear out. The balls are mostly fished from the lakes surrounding the golf holes.

Golf shoes

On golf courses you are required to use special golf shoes adapted to walking on a grass surface and ensuring stability during the swing. For this purpose, shoes with special spikes in the sole are often used. However, the so-called spikless shoes are becoming more and more popular. They do not have replaceable spikes, but the structure of the sole is designed to provide stability. The advantage of spikeless shoes is that they are more comfortable and can be worn also off the golf course. It is important that the golf shoes are waterproof. Even when the weather is nice, the grass can be covered with dew or water from irrigation. In the hot summer months, breathable shoes are popular, but they tend to get wet. It is common for an enthusiastic golfer to have even four pairs of shoes, not only for different occasions, but also to match different outfits.

spiked golf shoes

Golf gloves

It may sound strange, but a golfer only needs one glove. And to make it more interesting, right-handers wear the glove on their left hand and left-handers on their right hand. Therefore, with gloves, the LH label means that they are for a right-handed person. The left-hander, on the other hand, chooses golf gloves labeled RH. Gloves can be leather, synthetic or combined, where the more stressed part is made of leather and the less stressed part is synthetic. The contact of the hands with the club (so-called grip) should be as tight as possible, therefore the thinner the glove, the better. Of course, the disadvantage is lower durability and less hand protection. In addition to basic gloves, there are also rain gloves (often sold in pairs, i.e. for both hands) and gloves for colder weather (always in pairs).

golf glove

Golf clothing

It is said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. This is certainly true for functional clothes, but for many, it is undoubtedly more important to look good than to be perfectly protected from the vagaries of the weather. Fortunately, every good golf e-shop now has a really wide range of clothing, so even the most demanding fashion guru will find something for themselves. Whether you're looking for an orange polo shirt, 3A%3ASitemapNodes%3A%3AFilterSitemapNode&LINK_ITEM_ID=1680">pink pants, navy skirt or white waterproof jacket, you won't leave empty-handed.

golfer in turquoise polo shirt

Other golf equipment

Before the actual game on the golf course, you should also pack tees, a divot tool for repairing depressions after hitting the ball on the green and a ballmarker to mark the ball on the green. If you want to end the game with the same or more balls than at the beginning, don't forget the ball retriever. Beginner golfers will also appreciate a counter, and, of course, a towel, umbrella or other accessories. When you start traveling for golf, you'll need a travel bag for airlines.

Golf equipment deals