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How to choose a bass guitar

3 min. read
Juraj Haruštiak
The choice was made – you will be a bass player. Whether it was a voluntary decision or you were just stuck with the bass guitar because you were the last to apply for a band, the next step is the same in both cases. You have to choose your first instrument. How to do it, what to avoid and which route to take? Youpll find answers to these questions in the following text.
How to choose a bass guitar

The first instrument

Today‘s market is much friendlier to bass players than it was 10 years ago – shop counters and eshop stocks are full of interesting and affordable models. How to choose the right one and not spend the family savings. Of course your financial limit influences your choice of the first instrument. A reasonable parent, not knowing, if his child will retain the passion for it‘s new hobby, does not want to spend a lot (and it is a logical approach, as the cheap instruments doesn‘t have a good resell value) and seeks a good price/quality ratio. If you can take of your own and your age starts with number 2, you can probably look into something more ostentatious. Therefore we split our offer into several price ranges, where we focus on a few instruments worthy of your attention.

What model?

Good question. There are not that many basic bass guitar models, and almost every brand has some variation for Fender models in its portfolio . Why? Because their sound is a decade-proven classic that you will recognize from every recording almost instantly. You, the promising musician, certainly have your favorite band - why not start with the type your music hero plays? It is clear that you will not be able to afford an identical instrument, but at a fraction of the cost you can approach your dream sound. The rest is up to your skill and hard work.

4 or 5 strings?

The truth is that the greatest bass guitar legends had just four strings to show off their incredible mastery - that should be enough for you as well. However, if you insist that your starting instrument should be a five-string bass - be it. Keep in mind, however, that the H-string on the cheapest models will not really be the best and you will probably only use it as a thumb rest. For more expensive models, it is worth serious consideration - some fives can shake the foundations of even the most solid construction.

Active or passive?

What are these two terms and what is the difference between them? The control of a passive bass guitar is very easy most of the time - volume, tone and ratio between pickups (if the bass has more than one pickup). Active electronics in the bass guitar offer a wider range of audio controls - most of them have basic bass and treble control, some more sophisticated models also have midrange control, or a parametric midrange selector. But active electronics is no miracle cure - and if the instrument itself doesn't play well, electronics won't help it. In addition, some active electronics cannot be switched to passive mode, and if your 9V battery runs out of juice, you are over.

The best instruments in our offer between 100 and 200 €

If you are looking for an instrument for a complete beginner, or for a cheerful getaway at an electrified fireplace, this is the category for you. You should not be too demanding, after all it is the lowest price category. What you should be interested in is whether the instrument holds the tuning well and whether its sound speaks to you anyway. Be sure to buy a new set of strings for such a bass guitar, even the cheapest ones in our offer will be several times better than those on the instrument when you take it out of the box.

The best instruments in our offer between 200 and 300 €

The best instruments in our offer between 300 and 500 €

OK. Ten years ago, this would be the starting point for your first instrument. The time has changed, praise the Lord, and today you can find an instrument in this category that even a professional on the big stage will not have to be ashamed of, and will provide you, the beginner, with a few years of peaceful sleep – this instrument will last for a long time.

Classis, or modern construction

The bass guitar is a relatively young instrument, but in the course of several decades of its existence, several types of instruments have emerged that have an irreplaceable role in the music hall of fame. But the evolution never stops and the modern bass guitars are much further than their predecessors.

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