Creative BlasterX Senz3D

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Creative BlasterX Senz3D

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Creative BlasterX Senz3D

Intelligent webcam with high 60FPS video streaming and facial recognition that allows user to login to the PC with his face, scan a real object or face and create a 3D version that can be shared with friends, or swap out the backgrounds seamlessly for deeper engagement in any virtual gameplay. It senses depth and tracks human motion, featuring three lenses to capture the visual data: a RGB camera, an infrared camera, and a laser projector. Capturing those visual data, these lenses work together with Intel RealSense Technology to respond to facial expressions and body gestures. The webcam is also certified with Windows Hello and powered by CrystalVoice technology, offering a host of features that allows user to express himself loud and clear during Skype calls or game chats. Acoustic Echo Cancellation eliminates echoes, while the Noise Reduction removes unwanted background noise in the dialogues and Voice Focus creates a zone that isolates the voice from the surroundings. These effects can be controlled via BlasterX Acoustic Engine software. The webcam works within 0.2-1.5 m range. Dimensions: 44 x 100 x 157 mm. Weight: 350 g.

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