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How to create Christmas wishlist


Fill your Christmas wishlist

Next to every product in our offer, you can see the button "Add to wishlist". With a single click, the product will be added to your Christmas wishlist and sorted into categories (e.g. Guitars, Golf sets, Inflatable boats, ...). However, you can have up to 5 products in each category. The more categories you have on the list, the more likely you are to find the gift you wished for under the Christmas tree.

Before submitting your wishlist, be sure to check it and save it, so that you don’t lose anything important. If you leave some categories open, they will not be shared and Santa will not get to see them.

Send the list to Santa

If you have your wishlist ready, you can add a note or a video to it. Santa is sure to be very happy to see those messages. Share the complete Christmas wishlist with Santa via e-mail or social media sites. If you would like to share your wishlist in a different way, you can just generate a link right under the Christmas list.

What happens after sharing your Christmas wishlist

After clicking the link, Santa will instantly see your list and all your wishes in it. Thanks to that, he will know exactly what would give you the greatest joy. When choosing a product, he will be redirected to our website, from which he can conveniently buy the gift and remove it from the list.

What happens after the purchase

After the gift was bought, you will receive an email saying that something in your list has changed. But to avoid spoiling surprises, we will not show you exactly what Santa chose. The category in which the purchase was made will be locked in order to avoid getting multiple identical gifts under the Christmas tree. Other categories will remain visible so that these wishes might also come true.

You now have all the necessary information about how the wishlist works. Enjoy creating it!

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