Delphin Hornet 30

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Delphin Hornet 30

Model HORNET is an attractive and model reel built on reliable and tested technical base. Thanks to the ideal dimensing of its inner mechanism, this reel has a long durability and a really solid performance for such a great price. A wide variety of different sizes makes it suitable for being used for any fishing technique. Its graphite body is very tough and does not twist and turn when loaded. Thanks to a metal handle with ergonomic holder will fit your hand perfectly. It metal spool is deep enough and depending on its size it provides enough space for your need. Thanks to perfectly balanced rotor is its run really smooth and faultless.

Technical parameters:
Model: Delphin HORNET 20
Reel capacity mm/m: 0.14/400, 0.16/310, 0.18/240
Gearing: 5.2:1
Number of bearings: 3+1
Weight: 240 g

Model: Delphin HORNET 30
Reel capacity mm/m: 0.16/430, 0.18/340, 0.20/280
Gearing: 5.2:1
Number of bearings: 3+1
Weight: 260 g

Model: Delphin HORNET 40
Reel capacity mm/m: 0.18/500, 0.20/400, 0.22/350
Gearing: 5.2:1
Number of bearings: 3+1
Weight: 340 g

Model: Delphin HORNET 50
Reel capacity mm/m: 0.22/400, 0.24/340, 0.26/290
Gearing: 5.2:1
Number of bearings: 3+1
Weight: 360 g

Model: Delphin HORNET 60
Reel capacity mm/m: 0.24/440, 0.26/370, 0.28/320
Gearing: 5.2:1
Number of bearings: 3+1
Weight: 380 g

Parameters and specifications

Size Reel / Spool




Gear Ratio


Line Capacity

0,16mm - 430m / 0,18mm - 340m / 0,20mm - 280m


260 g

Extra Spool




Spool Material

Metal Spool


Metal Handle

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