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Brenderup 8116B

Trailers | Product code: TB8116B | ID: 269168

Brenderup 8116B

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Brenderup 8116B

Boat trailer with Super Rollers for Motor Boats up to 24' in length. Including an easily operated light panel, which can easily be mounted/dismounted. Easy to take on and off with two snap fasteners. The keel rollers have a deep U to center the boat. Keel rollers are adjustable and easily adapted to any boat type. The large side rollers reduce strain on the hull and at the same time they roll more freely and cause less strain to the boat’s hull.Supplied with waterproof bearings and stainless brake cables. The super rollers assist loading and unloading of the boat. The multiple rollers combine with the tilting mechanism to reduce the strain on the hull. At the same time this assists the easy loading of the boat using the winch. The super rollers give the boat maximum support during transportation. Technical parameters: Total weight - 1000 kg, payload - 730 kg, loading area - 5300 mm, max. length of the ship - 5,3 m, external dimensions - 5375 x 1900 mm, axles - 1, tires - 145 / 80R13, discs - steel (aluminum for an extra charge), number of keel rollers - 3, number of side rollers - 6.

Trailer dimensions 538 x 190 538 x 190 cm
total weight 750 1000
Maximum load 510 760 kg
Length of the ship 16 / 5 16 / 5 ft / m
Keel rollers 1S + 1D
1S + 1D
Side rollers 2S + 2D
2S + 2D
Superrollen - -
Brakes yes yes
Axles 1 1
Wheels R13" R13"
Discs steel steel
alu extra charge

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